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Date of Birth
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Pronouns are words used to refer to individuals in place of their name. What pronouns would you like me to use for you? Linnea currently uses all or no pronouns.
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Always a great idea to have placement in mind, but staying open to suggestion can be helpful as well. If you are placing this piece between other tattoos, let me know. All clients will be asked to send a photo of the area they want to be tattooed.
After pressing 'SUBMIT' you will be redirected to Linnea's appointment calendar. -Please submit a request for an appointment based on the date, time, and budget based on the $200 houlrly rate. -Smaller pieces typically fall within the 1-2 hour range. -Larger pieces typically fall in the 3 hour, 4 hour, and all day sessions. -If you would like to book a multiple session piece, please select the 'All Day Session' option. You will receive a confirmation email after the appointment has been accepted, declined, or altered. Thank you!